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Coming to ski in the Alps!
by: "Megeve Mike" Beaudet
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Neight 27 Very Fun Male
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"Its not what you do its how you do it"
I am looking for someone this winter to ski along with. I spend alot of the ski season at Cannon for a will have a season pass there. I am willing to ski any mountain or any terrain. I am looking for someone who enjoys the skiing the park, moguls and t

Listing Details
Ski Level:Beyond
Age: 27 - Skiing: 2-3 Times/Week
Ski Starting Age:12
Closest Ski Resort:All NH Mountains
Years of Ski Experience:15
Ski Days/Season:25-40
Preferred Snow Type:5-8 i
Preferred Slope Type:Impossible terrain, Moguls and of course park all the way
Favorite Ski Resort:Sunday River, Stowe
Favorite Skis:Line
Favorite Ski Boots:Salomons
Favorite Ski Bindings:Look

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