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How to carry your skis like a “ski pro” and not kill anyone!

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Ski Season Meadows Season Pass Skier - 38 - Skiing: Often (Married)
Work for myself so I can go up any epic pow days. Just looking for a laid-back friend to cruise the slopes. I don't care if you're male/female or gay/straight. You just have to be a cool person that also doesn't care and wants to go skiing/boarding. ... Read more
Ski Season let's do it - 67 - Skiing: All Season (Married)
folks to ski with who enjoy the mountains and have left the egos home ... Read more
breathe! - 54 (Married)
people to travel world wide on backcountry extreme guided trips ... Read more
Ski Season Vail-bound? (hopefully) - 30 - Skiing: 2-3 Times/Month (Single)
Looking for someone to tear it up with this winter. My old ski buddies either don't get out enough anymore, or can't keep up! I live in the east, but hoping to make a trip out to Vail this Dec/Jan :) ... Read more
Anytime Let's make some turns? - 0 - Skiing: Often (Single)
Anybody want to meet up to go skiing locally or share a ride up to VT from the NYC area? ... Read more
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