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How to carry your skis like a “ski pro” and not kill anyone!

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Ski Season Carpe Diem - 36 - Skiing: 2-3 Times/Month (Single)
Anybody who wants to ski with me at Big Boulder or Jack Frost this year. I will primarily be skiing on Wednesdays due to the college discount that I will receive, but I might ski some weekends too. ... Read more
Ski Season Got to ski there... - 47 - Skiing: Not Very Often (Single)
I have booked 1 week in Solden, Austria from 15 Dec 2012. I have a 4 bed appartment to myself, it was the only one available for a solo skier. I am not scared of challenges & at beginner level successfully negotiated black slopes. Looking for like-min ... Read more
Ski Season mate for cross-country skiing - 31 (Single)
I am looking for someone for ski running in Austria or anywhere else in Europe if you know a nice place for it. I am a beginner but I love it! I am also open for any kind of winter pleasure, for sure I will not leave my slide at home!:-) ... Read more
Anytime Need friend who hasnt skied forever - 32 - Skiing: 2-3 Times/Week (Single)
Need ski buddy for Powderhorn! I go mornings during the week, and weekends of course. ... Read more
Ski Season Impossible is Nothing! - 24 - Skiing: 2-3 Times/Week (Single)
skiing buddy of approx my age and level who's as crazy about skiing as I am=) ... Read more
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