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Coming to ski in the Alps!
by: "Megeve Mike" Beaudet
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Hello Ski Friends!

Skiing alone can be fun but skiing with a buddy is the ultimate fun.
Now the big dilemma is how do you find this friend to share your ski passion with?

EASY! Join us for Free.
Eventually someone with the same kind of skills you’ve got will pop-up on our website and all you need to do is contact them. It could go the other way around too. Someone will find you.
Our website was created for people like us (Yeah! We’re skiers too!), which at one point of time got tired of our iPods and only the nature’s companionship.
The conversations with strangers on the lift are getting boring after a while.
Talking to the trees when you “side slip” into a 3 feet deep snow pile, beyond the ski area boundary is also getting old eventually.
Having somebody to fish you out of there can be helpful sometimes.
Anyway, did we make our point? I think so.

Joins us now and here’s what you get:

Free Access
Free Lifetime Membership
No Credit Card Required
Display Up To 12 Ski Related Photos With Your Profile
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